Douglas Kearney and Haitian-born experimental musician and sound artist Val Jeanty wrote and performed Freedom of Shadowan oratorio for solo voice and electronics. As a companion piece to the performance, Berlin-based shriftkunstler (writing artist) Drury Brennan  took over the Poetry Foundation gallery wall to compose ulteriori ombre (further shadows), a massive calligraphic reaction to Kearney’s original text.

Drury Brennan, in the red shirt and leather jacket, met Val Jeanty before the performance. Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher of Sonnenzimmer, who created the beautiful posters for the event, chatted with Kearney during the reception. 

The performance took place on September 20, 2014. The exhibition will be up at the Poetry Foundation, 61 W. Superior St, through late fall. 

Photographs by Jeffery “Hitch” Hitchens.

Val Jeanty and Douglas Kearney performing “Freedom of Shadow” on Saturday 9/20!
Photo by Jeffery “Hitch” Hitchens. More to come.

Val Jeanty and Douglas Kearney performing “Freedom of Shadow” on Saturday 9/20!

Photo by Jeffery “Hitch” Hitchens. 
More to come.

That’s me
in the smallest frame,
— from “Retro" by Christina Pugh

Roger Reeves and Christina Pugh, who will be reading Tuesday, September 23 at UIC’s Poetry Festival

"Stupid Poet. A war can’t know what it wants." — from Katie Ford, "The Lord is a Man of War"

Katie Ford, Matthea Harvey, and Claudia Rankine reading at yesterday’s Graywolf Press 40th Anniversary Celebration with Poetry Foundation Program Director Stephen Young and Graywolf Press’ Executive Editor Jeff Shotts

Matthea Harvey’s showed her silhouette illustration for “The Straightforward Mermaid”…and her own silhouetted head listening to Rankine.

Designs for the Sonnenzimmer print and custom packaging we’ll be giving to guests at Saturday’s Freedom of Shadow: A Tribute to Terry Adkins

Poetry magazine Art Director Fred Sasaki boxed them up with Managing Editor Sarah Dodson and Editorial Assistant Holly Amos.

Drury Brennan working on ulteriori ombre at the Poetry Foundation. 

The work is a calligraphic reaction to the libretto “Freedom of Shadow,” in honor of Douglas Kearney, in tribute to Terry Adkins—in conversation with both. The work is in part a reverberation of Adkin’s and Kearney’s first one-on-one conversation about their collaboration, in particular the first note Douglas took, which served as mooring: “behavioral feeling of performed ethnicity.”

See it this evening at The Open Door Reading featuring DePaul University’s Chris Green with his student Clare Stuber and Loyola University’s Aaron Baker with student Lucy Schoyer

Or tomorrow at Poetry off the Shelf: Ana Castillo, Cristina Correa, & Paul Martínez Pompa

Or Thursday at Graywolf Press 40th Anniversary with Claudia Rankine, Matthea Harvey, and Katie Ford

And you can meet Brennan, Kearney, and Jeanty at the reception for Freedom of Shadow: A Tribute to Terry Adkins.

Photos by Chelsea Avery

Ana Castillo rides a Poetry Cab!

See her read next Wednesday at Poetry Foundation in “Poetry off the Shelf: Ana Castillo, Cristina Correa, & Paul Martínez Pompa

Sept 17, 7 PM, 61 West Superior St

This week is your last chance to visit Tony Fitzpatrick’s The Secret Birds

If you can’t make it during our daytime hours (11 am- 4 pm) , come to CAIC’s Salon Concert: Robert & Clara Schumann, Friedrich Rückert & Heinrich Heine at Poetry Foundation on Thursday at 7 pm.

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Fig 1. Telettrofono Cross-Section and no. 122478 Effervescent Drinks from Matthea Harvey’s TELETTROFONO, from her new book If the Tabloids Are True, What Are You?

Read an article about Harvey’s new book, then come see Harvey at the Graywolf 40th Anniversary Celebration on September 18, then talk about her book on September 19th at the Poetry Foundation Library Book Club